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New Recreational Landmark In KL

Have our lives become dull and boring as we are swamped by unfinished daily tasks? It is time to slow down your steps and get recharged by exploring our beautiful natural landscapes!

99 Wonderland Park is a unique Recreational Landmark in KL owned by JL99 Group, a remarkable Malaysia property developer who believes in giving back to the society. Since 2015, JL99 Group has allocated more than RM18 million to turn the derelict retention pond into a 23 acres unique recreational park.

The park adopts an “open” concept, allowing the visitors to interact with the birds and animals. These include swans, tortoise, ostrich, peacock, deer, parrot, mara, marmoset monkey, meerkat, rabbit, pheasant, flamingo, snake, iguana, toco toucan and the likes. If you take a ride on 99 cruise across the lake, you would stand a chance to sail pass those birds that are circling the lake.

The landscape carved in the park would enable the visitors to relax and taking in all the view. The park includes T-Rex Ring, 12 Zodiac Zone, Golden Waterfall, Sky Fountain. The visitors can lock their blessings with the 99 Wonderland Park Lovelocks at the magical bridge.

99 Wonderland Park is the First recreational park in KL featuring with LED lights and rare animals or birds with its beautiful landscape. As such, you would be able to savour great and unforgettable moments in 99 Wonderland Park.